Hello I’m Zennia, pleased to meet you

Hello I’m Zennia, pleased to meet you. I am so happy that I rounded up my girls finally, I thought I would never find the girls most suitable for my job until I met those five lovely and lively young ladies. I am quite happy that they are getting along just fine. I was worried at first thinking that since they have such distinguished personalities that they wouldn’t get along, but I am glad I was wrong. Each of the girls have their own personalized habitat that adheres to what they are fighting for. I designed it in such a way that each of them would be content. Anyway take care, I shall talk to all of you later.

Hey there, Yana here.

Hey there, Yana here. My hometown is the Caribbean. I see myself as a born leader and very kind hearted. I always have enjoyed walking around the beach and collecting samples of different shells and studying them. I know about every fish there is to know about. I am fascinated by the sea and the creatures that live underwater. I just wish I could save all the creatures of the sea, I did save a young dolphin from being taken from the sea for food though and named her Serena. I felt hopeless since the sea was so vast, I kept thinking I couldn’t save them all. One day I thought wonder if I could do something more and that’s when I saw Zennia and I had a feeling that she was the person I needed to talk to. I went up to her and right there she felt how much I wanted to help the sea creatures and asked if I would like to be a Zeenie. Of course I said yes, I wouldn’t deny helping every fish and creature in the sea. So that’s my story, see ya later friends!

Konnichiwa watashiwa Kazumi des [Hello, I’m Kazumi]

Konnichiwa watashiwa Kazumi des [Hello, I’m Kazumi] I am from Japan. I would consider myself a fashionista of sorts and I also love to make people laugh. I have always had a passion for helping the animals in the arctic region. I have the money I earn from my fashion shows to organizations helping the animals in the arctic. I did adopt an abandoned polar bear cub and named her Ella. I really love the arctic animals and would do anything to help which is why I sought out Zennia, the very chic, beautiful and elegant leader of the Zeenie team. Zennia said she saw a powerful force within me that wanted to protect all the endangered animals in the arctic regions. After that I was in the Zeenie force, I became an Eco warrior. I am so excited, ciao.


Well, what’s up?

Well, what’s up? I’m Evee, I’m from London, UK. I would consider myself quite independent and strong willed. I love skateboarding on the streets and bird watching. I am quite fascinated with birds and their habitats. If only I could save them from being poached and those that are being taken from their habitat. All I could do was have people sign petitions and design info graphic posters with a team of people who believe in the same morals I do. I was thinking of what else I could do until I bumped into a very spiritual and beautiful women by the name of Zennia. She said she liked my fighting and understanding spirit and asked if I could join her Zeenie troupe and of course I agreed. Its going to be awesome I get my own bird watching tower and get to save birds. This is going to be awesome. Till next time.

Heya Sini here!

Heya Sini here! My hometown is Sydney, Australia. I would call myself an honest person. I enjoy helping others, painting and helping out at my local animal shelter. My job at the shelter is being a foster care taker for the animals. I have rescued so many animals including my Australian shepherd Misty. I almost filled my parents’ home with a lot of cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, you name it. I felt bad for them and every animal I meet seems to take a liking to me. One day while I was coming back from work, a beautiful ocean blue haired women by the name Zennia, appeared in front of me and had the kindest eyes and she saw the sparkle in mine that had the look of wanting to help every animal I could. She had a very peaceful aura around her so when she told me what the Zeenies are all about, I was in, so now I am part of a team that fights for the environment and the animals. This is going to be so exciting, I’m off, take care.

Hi I’m Lina

Hi I’m Lina, I was born in California. I would describe myself as kind, understanding and sweet. Hmm, I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming in lakes, climbing trees, you name it! I used to live with my parents in a glass house, it was amazing since I could see everything. Growing up I have always loved animals and felt at home with Abby my pet ocelot. Anyway I wished I could do something more to help the environment, i couldn’t really do much against those people chopping down so many trees and polluters on my own. It was a day after that Zennia come to me and offered me to work with the Zeenies because she saw something in me that would be useful to the Zeenie team. She said it was my passion and drive for environmental change and my deep concern for animals. Well I am now on the Zeenie force so wish me luck on my journey. Peace and love.