Hey there, Yana here.

Hey there, Yana here. My hometown is the Caribbean. I see myself as a born leader and very kind hearted. I always have enjoyed walking around the beach and collecting samples of different shells and studying them. I know about every fish there is to know about. I am fascinated by the sea and the creatures that live underwater. I just wish I could save all the creatures of the sea, I did save a young dolphin from being taken from the sea for food though and named her Serena. I felt hopeless since the sea was so vast, I kept thinking I couldn’t save them all. One day I thought wonder if I could do something more and that’s when I saw Zennia and I had a feeling that she was the person I needed to talk to. I went up to her and right there she felt how much I wanted to help the sea creatures and asked if I would like to be a Zeenie. Of course I said yes, I wouldn’t deny helping every fish and creature in the sea. So that’s my story, see ya later friends!