Heya Sini here!

Heya Sini here! My hometown is Sydney, Australia. I would call myself an honest person. I enjoy helping others, painting and helping out at my local animal shelter. My job at the shelter is being a foster care taker for the animals. I have rescued so many animals including my Australian shepherd Misty. I almost filled my parents’ home with a lot of cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, you name it. I felt bad for them and every animal I meet seems to take a liking to me. One day while I was coming back from work, a beautiful ocean blue haired women by the name Zennia, appeared in front of me and had the kindest eyes and she saw the sparkle in mine that had the look of wanting to help every animal I could. She had a very peaceful aura around her so when she told me what the Zeenies are all about, I was in, so now I am part of a team that fights for the environment and the animals. This is going to be so exciting, I’m off, take care.