Hi I’m Lina

Hi I’m Lina, I was born in California. I would describe myself as kind, understanding and sweet. Hmm, I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming in lakes, climbing trees, you name it! I used to live with my parents in a glass house, it was amazing since I could see everything. Growing up I have always loved animals and felt at home with Abby my pet ocelot. Anyway I wished I could do something more to help the environment, i couldn’t really do much against those people chopping down so many trees and polluters on my own. It was a day after that Zennia come to me and offered me to work with the Zeenies because she saw something in me that would be useful to the Zeenie team. She said it was my passion and drive for environmental change and my deep concern for animals. Well I am now on the Zeenie force so wish me luck on my journey. Peace and love.