There are dolls, and then there are dollz.

Zeenie Dollz are more than another plaything, they are changing the face of what it means to play like a girl. Fashion, attitude and activism are brought together to create a doll that can rock it. 

Why play with another doll when you can have an eco-warrior? 

What makes a Zeenie Doll? 

Our Zeenie Dollz stand out with over-the-top hair, eye-popping outfits, and glammed up appearances. But this is where Zeenie Dollz stand apart from the crowd:

  • Powerful, stylish, collectible, and vibrant Eco-Warriors on an environmental mission
  • Each 12″ fully articulated ball jointed doll is made of recyclable and non-toxic plastics
  • Each doll possesses a secret identity and unique eco-power to save and protect the environment
  • A percentage of every sale will be donated to organizations working to preserve the environment and protect all animals and the places they call home



Every Zeenie Doll also features:

  • Their unique eco-friendly cause to raise awareness about environmental issues like wildlife preservation and conservation. 
  • A pet pal of their own and a play set to create their own world
  • A silicone bracelet for girls to wear as they play along with their Zeenie Dollz
  • And an eco-warrior membership card
  • Connection to the online app, including games and story lines featuring each of the Zeenie girlz.

Zeenie dollz are designed to make a statement, and to encourage girls to become active, eco-friendly advocates for a smarter lifestyle. They are so much more than passive playthings. Zeenie Dollz teach girls that it is more than okay to stand out, to be unique, and to have a cause. 

At Zeenie Dollz, we know that strong women come from strong girls. This is why each of our dolls come with their own eco-cause, creating an opportunity for young girls to become interested in environmental issues and to see how their actions can make such a big difference in our world. 

Get more from your dolls. Take your Zeenie girl online to see her story, to play games and dance along to the Zeenie Dollz Playlist.