Marine Conservation / Overfishing


What’s at risk?

The use of overly efficient fishing technology, the lack of sufficient scientific data regarding the oceans, the ignorance and apathy of humanity, and the insufficient implementation of existing maritime agreements is causing damage to our beautiful oceans. Some of the negative results include, a decrease in the biodiversity of the ocean, changes to ocean chemistry, changes in the genetic makeup of marine populations, disturbances to food webs, collapse of fish stocks, and irreparable damage to marine ecosystems, the fishing industry, and all people dependent on fish.


Preserve global fisheries by ending overfishing, preserving marine ecosystems and developing alternative measures to meet nutritional needs.

  • Develop sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture like farm-raised fisheries
  • Eat more fish that are in abundance and full of protein, such as anchovies
  • Support small scale factories/artisanal fisheries that don’t use their annual catches for industrial use, oil, etc.
  • Encourage sport fishing to throw back ALL catches
  • Increase awareness of the growing overfishing problem